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Date of Battle:  1834?

Location of Battle: The site isn't near any creek but it is about 12 miles north of where Grapevine Creek flows into the Bighorn.  It is about 2 miles from Muddy Creek.

GPS  N:  45-20.964'

         W:  108-05.231'

Participants: Crow vs Blackfoot

When Blackfoot knew they had been spotted by the Crow, they moved to a nearby hill top and threw up breastworks of the stone lying there..  The Crow failed to over-run the position many times and their reputation was at stake.  With one last attempt the Crows got into the breastworks and captured and killed all of the Blackfoot.  30 Crow warriors and about 20 Blackfoot warriors died that day.  Upon visiting the site, there appears to be about 20 individual breastworks where the battle took place.  That is how I came up with the 20 dead for the Blackfeet.

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