baker's battle

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Other Names:  Pryor's Fork,  Poker Flat

Date of Battle: Aug. 14, 1872

Location of Battle: Billings, MT

GPS  N: 45-51.439

         W: 108-24.444

Participants: 7th Infantry and 2nd Cavalry led by Major Eugene M Baker were attacked by  Cheyenne along with Sioux warriors.

The US Army was protecting a party of Northern Pacific Railroad surveyors and on Aug. 13 they camped along the Yellowstone River near the mouth of Pryor creek.  Early on the 14th a war party tried to drive off the horses and guards fired in the darkness.  By daylight, more than 400 warriors were in place along the bench above the river.  Some of the warriors made runs at the camp but by 2:00 PM they had crossed the river and were gone.  2warriors, 1 soldier, and 1 civilian were killed in the exchange.


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