Fort Casper

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Other Names:  Fort Clay, Camp Davis, Platte Bridge Station

Dates used: 1858 - 1867

Location of Fort: Casper, WY

Use: Military


N: 42-50.141

W: 106-22.306

From 1840 until 1847 the crossing point was known of as Camp Platte.  In June 1847 the Mormons established a ferry at the crossing point and it became known as Mormon Ferry until about 1858.  In 1858 some adobe buildings were erected there and it became known as Platte Bridge Station.  From July 29, 1858 to April 20, 1859 troops were stationed there to protect the Oregon Trail and the telegraph line to Salt Lake City.  In 1859 Louis Guinard completed the 1,000 foot long bridge across the river.  In the spring of 1865 the post became permanent but was still called Platte Bridge Station.  On November 21, 1865, Major General John Pope ordered the post would be known as Fort Caspar.  Due to a clerical error the spelling was changed to Casper.  The post was abandoned on October 19, 1867 and burned, along with the bridge, by the Indians.

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