Dull Knife

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Other Names: Willow Creek, Mackenzie,  Red Fork

Date of Battle: November 25, 1876

Location of Battle: Keycee, WY



Participants: Colonel Ranald S Mackenzie leading the Powder River Expedition made up of 2,200 men against Dull Knife's Cheyenne village of 200 lodges.

After arriving at old Fort Reno, Mackenzie split off with his 1,100 man cavalry and his scouts led him to Dull Knife's village in a canyon on the Red Fork of the Powder River.  They drove the surprised Indians out on the frozen ridges.  The soldiers captured about 600 horses and burned the village.  The night after the battle it dropped to 30 below zero and 11 Indian babies froze to death.  40 Cheyennes  and 6 soldiers were killed in the battle.

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