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Date of Battle: August 1, 1867

Location of Battle: Fort Smith, MT



Participants: 20 men of the 7th Infantry under Lt. Sternberg guarding 6 hay cutters were attack by 800 Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors

 After their annual Sun Dance, The warriors decided to attack Fort C F Smith on the Bozeman Trail.  A log stockade had been built at the hay field about 3 miles from the fort to protect the men from Indian attacks.  At about 11 AM more than 800 warriors descended on the stockade and attacked.  The Lt. shouted, 'Stand up and fight like men,' right before he took a bullet in the head.  One soldier rode to the fort for help which arrived around 4 PM.  Another Company arrived around sundown but the Indians had given up the attack by then.  Two soldiers  and about 8 warriors were killed in the battle.

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