Lame Deer

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Other Names:  Muddy Creek

Date of Battle: May 7, 1877

Location of Battle: Lame Deer, MT

GPS  N: 45-36.798

         W: 106-39.196

Participants: Colonel Nelson Miles along with companies of the 5th and 22nd Infantry and  2nd Cavalry attacked a 61 lodge camp of Sioux that were following Chief Lame Deer.


They reached the sleeping village of Sioux at 4:30 AM and they rode through.  One of the scouts found Chief Lame Deer and Miles asked to talk with him.  A scuffle erupted and Lame Deer was shot 17 times and then scalped by White Bull.  The soldiers bore down on the village and it was over in a few minutes.  30 Indians and 4 soldiers were killed in the short battle.


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