Fort Laramie

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Other Names:  Fort William, Fort John

Dates used: 1834 - 1890

Location of Fort: Fort Laramie, WY

Use:  Trade/Military


N: 42-12.237

W: 104-33.511

Established in 1834 as a trading post for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company.  It was located on the the left bank of the Laramie River, about one mile above its juncture with the North Platte and named Fort William for William Sublette, William Anderson, and William Patton.  Then the fort was called Fort John for John Sarpy.  Under the direction of the United States Adjutant General to establish a post there, Major Winslow F Sanderson arrived at the post and recommended the purchase of the trading post itself.  The post was garrisoned in June 1849 and the name, Fort Laramie which was the popular name for the post was retained.  The last troops left the post on March 2, 1890.

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