Fort  Manuel

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Other Names:  Fort Remon, Fort Raymond, Fort Manuel Lisa, Fort Lisa, Lisa's Post, Big Horn Post 1

Dates used: 1807 - 1810s

Location of Fort: Bighorn, MT

Use: Trading

GPS  N: 46-08.762

         W: 107-28.580

Manuel Lisa, one of the most detested men on the frontier, was the first of the large scale traders to penetrate the upper Missouri.  He left St. Lewis in the spring of 1807 with 42 men and a boat load of trade goods.  He met John Coulter at the mouth of the Platte River and persuaded him to join the expedition and they built a fort at the mouth of the Big Horn River which Lisa named for his son Remon.  In the spring of 1809 he led a larger expedition, containing about 350 men, and near the original fort, larger and more permanent quarters were built and was called Fort Manuel.

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