Fort  Peck

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Other Names:  Milk River Agency

Dates used: 1867 - 1879

Location of Fort: Fort Peck, MT

Use: Trading



Established by Abe Farwell of the firm Durfee and Peck in 1867.  It was 300 foot square with 12 foot high walls, three bastions and four gateways on the front and two bastions on the rear.  Although Fort Peck was not an Army Post, it often served as temporary headquarters for military men.  In 1871 the Milk River Indian Agency was moved there from its location on the Milk River and was later moved to Poplar Creek.  The Fort was abandoned in 1879 when the bank it was built on began to erode.  The site is now under water due to erosion of the bluff and the construction of Fort Peck Dam.

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