Platte Bridge

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Date of Battle: July 26, 1865

Location of Battle: Casper, WY

GPS  N: 42-50.141

         W: 106-22.306

Participants: Lt. Casper Collins with 25 men and Lt. Henry Bretney with 40 men against over 2,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors.

Lt. Collins and his men crossed the Platte Bridge and turned west near the bluffs when they were attacked by about 1,000 warriors.  Lt. Bretney was crossing the bridge with 40 men to help when he was attacked by about 200 Arapahos.  A path was opened for Collins to make it back.  Later that day Lt George Walker was sent out to repair the telegraph line and he was attacked.  About 5 Indians and 11 soldiers were killed.

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