Reed's Fort

    And Post Office

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Other Names: 

Dates used: 1874 - ??

Location of Fort: Lewistown, MT

Use: Trading

Reed's Post Office (on original site)

GPS  N: 47-03.506

         W: 109-25.455

Reed's Fort (on re-located site)

GPS  N: 47-05.234

         W: 109-27.415

Named for Alfonzo S Reed who, with a partner named Bowles, purchased the Story and Holffman trading post in 1874 at Lewistown.  The post consisted of two log cabins and were enclosed in a stockade about 100  by 150 feet.  On the south end toward the river was a big gate and on the north side was a corral.  One of the buildings was moved about 1 1/2 miles down Spring Creek and re-established as a very active trade center during the latter part of the 1870s.

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