fort Sherman

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Other Names:  Fort Story, Fort Disapointment

Dates used: 1873 - 1874

Location of Fort: Lewistown, MT

Use: Trading

GPS  N: 47-03.506

         W: 109-25.455

Established in November 1873 on a site just below the mouth of Casino Creek by Peter Cotch for Story and Holfman of Bozeman.  According to a letter written by Kotch on March 2, 1874, The south side was 100 feet long consisting of a warehouse and a kitchen.  On the norht west and south west sides were two Indian houses, a stockade completing the square.  It was 500 yards from Trout Creek (Big Spring) with a brook (Little Casino) running close behind the buildings.  Story and Holfman sold the fort to the Dawes Brothers of Bozeman who later sold the fort to Reed and Bowles

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