Spring Creek

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Other Names:  Wagon Train

Date of Battle: October 10 thru 15, 1876

Location of Battle: Glendive, MT



Participants: Freight wagons and the army guards against Sitting Bull's Sioux Warriors

During low water times in the Yellowstone River, steamer freight had to be hauled from Glendive Cantonment to Fort Keogh by freight wagons.  The wagon trains were harassed by Sitting Bull's Sioux warriors while they were in the area.   The first Indian attack was on the horses and mules while they were camped for the night, running off 47 horses. The next day while under attack they turned around and went back to Glendive.  On their next trip they brought along three Gatling guns and 185 soldiers, with only three mounted because of the horse shortage at Glendive.  They came under attack again when they were fording Spring Creek and then again when they were crossing Clear Creek.  Then the next day there was another incident at Cedar Creek where Sitting Bull left them a note telling them to leave so the Indians could hunt buffalo. One Indian and no soldiers were killed.

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